Clubhouse Social Media: Elon Musk tweeted and it goes viral

Clubhouse is new invite only voice-based social media application.

The audio based social media app Clubhouse has been standing out as truly newsworthy since it launched in March a year in 2020.

But, it was reached to another level of standard mindfulness when Mr. Elon Musk used it.

On Feb 1 2021, the world most richest individual tweeted this and it gets viral on digital platform.

Elon musk tweet
Tweet from Mr. Elon Musk

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a space for easygoing, drop-in audio chat social media app— with companions and other fascinating individuals around the globe. Go online whenever to visit with individuals you follow, or jump in as an audience and listen what others are discussing.

The audio based social media includes no photos or videos, simply open and private discussion rooms. A user in Clubhouse have just profile pictures and followers. Talks or Chats are not recorded which is its key feature in context of security.

At the point when Users need to talk, they can virtually raise their hand. Room owners and moderators decide whom to accept talking consent to.

Clubhouse’s launch coincided with the start of the Covid pandemic, in March 2020. The San Francisco-based application is controlled by the organization Alpha Exploration Co., which got a $12 million investment from Andreessen Horowitz after Clubhouse had been live for only two months.

World over, the application is right now accessible just for Apple IOS users and the download size of this application is 52.8 MB. In India, it recorded more than 12,000 downloads a month ago.

As of January 2021, data analytics firm Sensor Tower said there were about 2 million downloads worldwide for the application.

Clubhouse download analytics
Screen-shot from Sensor Tower

In case, you need to join Clubhouse, go to Apple store and search for Clubhouse.

See a portion of the screen shot from Clubhouse IOS application.

Clubhouse IOS app
App Store Screen Shot

Once you open the Clubhouse app for the first time, you get this screen.

Choose either to signing or get your username. Clubhouse recommend you to use your genuine name.

Clubhouse social media app

Enter your mobile number and you will get OTP to verify the same.

Clubhouse social media app

After that choose a user name, it is early days of Clubhouse app so there are chances that you will get your desired username.

Finally, you will get this screen.

Wait for the message from Clubhouse.

Clubhouse social media app

Hope this post is informative for you. Share your opinion, whether you have installed Clubhouse social media app or planning to install it in coming days.


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