UPS for Router to enjoy un-interrupted internet for Work from Home

Zinq 6600 UPS for Router

This is the age of internet, without internet our cell phones, PCs, tablets can’t fulfill every one of our requirements.

You are working from home, doing online ticket booking, you need nonstop high speed internet.

Individuals who are working from home, they frequently utilize broadband. In any case, what to note is that you have in-built battery in Laptop, Mobile, Tablet however assuming you don’t have substitute power backup in your home, your router or modem won’t work when power gets cut and then your disconnected from web world for a while.

Suppose you are in a significant office meeting and the power gets cut, you have your laptop yet the router or modem will not work and you will be detached from the meeting.

Wouldn’t it feel awful?

So for this you don’t have an inverter at home, at that point with a small UPS you can take the office of internet ceaselessly, regardless of whether there is a power cut.

So you need to go to Amazon, Flipkart or any online shopping portal.

You have to search ‘UPS for router’.
You will see the list of router backup devices, now the question is which UPS will be appropriate for your router.

So let us reveal to you which UPS will be ideal for your router.

Friends, let us disclose to you that we are not advancing any brand here.

We will tell about the viable UPS of your router.

So let’s begin.

As a matter of first importance you need to check your router that the number of Volts, Amp your router upholds.

Like for my situation, there is a 12 Volt and 1 AMP router.

So I need to get a router that is 12V and has 1 Amp or more.

It intends to say that the volt needs to match yet the Amp ought to be equivalent to or more than the Amp of your router.

For instance, you have a router of 12 Volt and 2 Amps, at that point you need a router that is of 12 Volts and 2 Amps or more.

I recently bought a UPS for my router from Amazon.

Zinq 6600 with input and output connectors and a bridge cable
ProductZinq Technologies ZQ-6600 12 V UPS for router
BrandZinq Technology
Volt12 V
Amp2 Amp (2000 mAmp)
Price1399/- INR
Link to BuyZinq 6600 UPS for Router

Price may vary by time.
The product claims to give a backup of up to 4 hrs. For me , I have tested up to 2 hrs. and it works well after that I switched on the main power supply.

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