WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Facts: Accept it or account will be deleted

WhatsApp Privacy Policy
Image by Webster2703 from Pixabay

The new WhatsApp privacy policy has confronted criticism from end users, Indian government and rivals. However, WhatsApp will proceed with new privacy policy and it will currently become effective from May 15 instead of February 8.

WhatsApp users who won’t acknowledge the new privacy terms can in any case utilize the application for an additional 120 days. However, during this period, the functionality of the this application will be restricted. “For a small timeframe, you’ll have the option to get calls and notifications, yet will not have the option to send messages from the application,” the official WhatsApp FAQ page claims.

It’s not clear what will happen, however WhatsApp has another policy of deleting user accounts that have been dormant or inactive for 120 days, and you might be considered such in the event that you deny the new privacy policy.

In spite of mainstream thinking, WhatsApp has been offering metadata to Facebook for quite a long time, the solitary new things it would send back to the mothership after this update are payment related information, to help Facebook better target advertisements to you across its different services.

Through, the application is guaranteeing users that their chats will stay private and encrypted post the new privacy policy and that organizations gaining access to your messages and chats with business accounts is “completely optional.”

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